Master Degree Policies and Rules (碩班修讀辦法)

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二、     修業年限Years of Study


The term of study is between 1 to 4 years.


The application for the extension of the years of study has to follow the regulations of NCKU.

三、     必修課程及學分 Studying courses and credits


24 graduation credits are required. (Thesis excluded credits for 8)

2.必修課程共8學分 Required courses: 8 credits

光電子學()()6學分、光電實驗()()2學分、專題討論() ()0學分。

Six credits of Optical Electronics (1)(2)two credits of Optoelectronics Experiments (1)(2)zero credits of Seminar (1)(2).

3.選修課程共16學分 Elective Courses are 16 credits.


Bachelor and master students are not allowed to repeat courses.


Courses from other institutes: only 3 credits are acceptable.


Courses instructed by the same teacher cannot exceed 10 credits, of which thematic category electives only recognize up to 4 credits.

4.抵免學分 Course Credit Waiver


Must be a graduate course, which will not be counted in the minimum academic score for bachelor degree.


SEMINAR (1)(2) and the courses from other institutes can’t be waived, except for pre-master students and students transfer from other institutes.


(a) 一般生:最多9學分,本系預研生最多16學分;

Nine credits the maximum, while 16 credits for pre-master students.

(b) 重新入學:以應修畢業學分之二分之一為限。

For re-enrollment, 12 credits the maximum.


For students from other universities, the proof of the subject as the graduate program has to be provided.


The content of the course which is planned to be credited will be reviewed. The application of course taking waiver will be valid after approval.


Credits of courses from other institutes plus waived credits cannot exceed nine credits.


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