Regulations for PhD student qualification (資格考)

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三、      通過期限:入學後四個學期內(不含休學)102學年()前入學者,多給予2個學期之緩衝,完成以修課或論文抵免資格考學科考試。

Deadline of passing: Within four semesters after enrollment (excluding suspension of study).

四、抵免辦法 Rules for the waiver

() 以論文抵免 Waive with a journal paper

1. 須通過光電子學、電磁理論其中一科學科考試(含修課抵免),另一科可申請由發表論文抵免;

Pass either the Optical Electronics or the Electromagnetic Theory and Application (including course taking), the other one can be waived with a journal paper.

2. 發表論文抵免規定: Rules of published paper for wavier


At the latest, the application must be submitted within 1 week after the announcement for the result of the fourth semester qualification examination.

(2)就學六學期內發表一篇於相關領域影響系數(Impact factor)50%之期刊(該論文的發表日期以正式被接受日來認定,SCI and SSCI 排名及影響系數以提出申請時最新ISI資料庫之資料為準),且所發表的論文必須為除指導教授或共同指導教授外之第一作者,指導教授必須為該論文之通訊作者;

The paper, which has to be published in a top 50% journal, should be accepted within six semesters after enrollment (The date of the paper publication is confirmed on the date of official acceptance. The rankings of SCI and SSCI impact factors are based on the latest ISI database at the time of filing.) In addition, the PhD student must be the first author other than the adviser or the co-adviser. The thesis adviser must be the corresponding author in this paper.


If it is unable to complete the above-mentioned credits within six semesters after enrollment, 2 more papers which meet the above requirements have to be provided for the waiver before the end of the fourth year after enrollment.

3. 本項抵免之論文,不得計入畢業所需論文內,亦不得作為其他用途。

The papers which are count for the credit of waiver cannot be considered as the ones required for graduation, nor be used for other purposes.

4. 本抵免申請需要由指導教授簽名同意,一旦提出申請後,不得更改;

This waiver application must be signed and approved by the thesis adviser. It cannot be changed/modified once submitted.

5. 本抵免之申請,送交本系學術委員會審議。

The waiver application will be sent to the academic committee of the department for consideration.

() 以修課抵免:須於就讀第四學期內完成。

Waive with course taking: Must be completed within four semesters after enrollment.


Optical Electronics: Limited to the Optical Electronics opened for the graduates, a score of above 70 as passing. Summer course is not applicable.


Electromagnetic Theory and Application: Limited to the Electromagnetic Theory and Application opened for the graduates, a score of above 70 as passing. Summer course is not applicable.


The qualification waiver with course taking should be applied along with the transcript (including the ones who have completed above-mentioned courses before enrollment) to the academia committee.

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