Policies and Rules for the PhD Program (博班修讀辦法)

Poster:Post date:2014-10-23

二、修業年限 Years of Study


  The term of study for all the general PhD students is between 2 to 7 years.

  The term of study for the direct PhD students is between 3 to 7 years.


  The application for the extension of the years of study has to follow the regulations of NCKU.

三、修讀課程及學分 Courses Taking and Credits

 1.畢業學分 Graduation credits (Thesis excluded credits for 8)


   The general PhD students are requested to complete 22 credits.


   The direct PhD students are requested to complete 40 credits.

 2.必修課程 Required Courses


   The general PhD students: Four credits of SEMINAR (1)(2)(3)(4).


The direct PhD students: 12 credits, including 8 credits of required courses for master program and 4 credits of required courses for PhD program. 

 3.選修課程 Elective Courses


   Repeat of bachelor, master and PhD classes is not allowed.


   Courses from other institutes: only 3 credits are acceptable, while 6 credits for the direct PhD students.


Courses instructed by the same teacher cannot exceed 10 credits, of which thematic category electives only recognize up to 4 credits.

 4.抵免學分 Course Credit Waiver


Must be a graduate course, which will not be counted in the minimum academic score for bachelor or master degree.


Required courses and courses from other department cannot be used for waiver. The students transferred from other institute is not included.

  (3)抵免學分 Credits waiver

 For the general PhD students: 6 credits the maximum.

 For the direct PhD students: 36 credits the maximum.

 For re-enrollment: 11 credits the maximum.


For students from other universities, the proof of the subject as the graduate program has to be provided.


The content of the course which is planned to be credited will be reviewed. The application of course taking waiver will be valid after approval.

四、資格考試 Qualification examination


The PhD students can apply for the qualification examination after enrollment. The qualification examination is stipulated by the Department's "Regulations for PhD student qualification".

五、論文指導Thesis guidance


Within one semester of enrollment, graduates must find an advisor who will be responsible for the guidance of their studies and researches; if not, the student should seek assistance from the department chair.

六、論文內容及品質 Thesis content and quality


The PhD thesis must be the original research work done by the PhD students under the supervision of his/her advisor, which is rigorously and systematically organized.


The research results are credited by the advisor (or project investigator) and the students who are involved. If the advisor is changed, the original plan and related results should not be included in the dissertation or published without the previous advisor’s approval.

3.除提出博士論文及抵免資格考之論文外,至少發表二篇除指導教授、共同指導教授外為第一作者之SCIE (Scientific Citation Index Expanded)論文,而通訊作者必須為指導教授,且列本系為服務單位(affiliation)之一,若

In addition to the papers which are used for PhD dissertation and the qualification examination waiver, the PhD student has to publish at least two more SCIE (Scientific Citation Index Expanded) papers as the first author, and the corresponding authors must be the advisor. In addition, the Department of Photonics must be one of the affiliations, if

(a)     發表在IEEE及其他無明顯標示通訊作者之期刊時,需附證明其指導教授為通訊作者;

When papers are published in IEEE and other journals which do not have a remarkable corresponding author, a proof has to be provided to confirm the advisor is the corresponding author.

(b)    論文中說明多人有相同貢獻第一作者時,則貢獻權重均分之;

When the paper states that a couple of people shared as the co-first author, the weight of contribution will be equally divided.

(c)     以被接受未刊出之狀況提出時,需附切結證明論文之符合性(第一作者及通訊作者)

When it is just accepted, it is necessary to attach a certificate to the consistency of the paper (the first and corresponding authors).



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